Official Launch Virtual Event: Bridging the physical divide with digital

DAFNI Conference 2021

Virtual Event, 5 and 8 July 2021

Following 4 years of intense development effort, we are delighted to unveil to the wider community the exciting advancements within the facility and how it will relate to and revolutionise infrastructure business and research nationwide.

What is DAFNI?

DAFNI will become the National Platform to satisfy the computational needs in support of data analysis; infrastructure research; and strategic thinking for the UK’s long term planning and investment needs. The platform will support academic research that is aiming to provide the UK with a world leading infrastructure system that is more: efficient, reliable, resilient and affordable. It will achieve this by enabling the research community to conduct research that is able to generate new insights at a higher level of detail and accuracy than ever before.

DAFNI is funded by EPSRC as part of the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities.

DAFNI Showcase

Programme highlights

Day One:  5th July 2021 – DAFNI Showcase 

Showcase event in the morning, followed by key note speakers in the afternoon highlighting some of the projects that DAFNI is involved in. 

Ottoline Leyser

Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser 
UKRI Chief Executive

UKRI Transforming Technologies: the context in which DAFNI sits

Professor Jim Hall
Chair of DAFNI Governance Board, University of Oxford

DAFNI the FACILITY – Bridging the physical and digital divide

Gordon Masterton

Professor Gordon Masterton 
University of Edinburgh, Deputy Convenor of UKCRIC

Meeting the UK’s infrastructure Investment Agenda

Bran Matthews

Dr Brian Matthews
DAFNI Project Lead, STFC

The DAFNI Facility

Robert Nicholls

Professor Robert Nicholls
Director, Tyndall Centre, University of East Anglia

OpenClim – Modelling services at your fingertips

Professor Daniel Coca
Head of ACSE Department,  University of Sheffield 

Digital Twin and Urban Observatories – how DAFNI is supporting the national Digital Twin Agenda

Professor Liz Varga
Head of UCL’s Infrastructure Systems Institute

Data Ontology for Digital Twins – supporting research and operations

David Whallom

Professor David Wallon
University of Oxford

UK Greening Finance Centre and DAFNI’s Role

DAFNI Champions and hands-on training sessions

Programme highlights

Day Two:  8th July 2021 – DAFNI Champions and hands-on training sessions

Hear from DAFNI champions about their work  (link to DAFNI champions), followed by a hands on training with the DAFNI development team and DAFNI users.

Adrian Hickford

Adrian Hickford
University of Southampton 

Transport modelling and connection with NISMOD

Tom Russell

Tom Russell
University of Oxford

Urban Development Modelling

Juste Raimbault

Dr Juste Raimbault
University College London

COVID 19 social and economic modelling as well as Quant

Cristian Genes

Dr Cristian Genes
University of Sheffield

City Digital Twin – Sheffield

Simon Jude
Dr Simon Jude
Cranfield University 

Integration with UKCRIC Urban Observatory

Dr Fergus McClean

Dr Fergus McClean
Newcastle University

How to upload your model to DAFNI

Tom Gowland
Tom Gowland

How to use DAFNI 

Rose Dickinson
Rose Dickinson

How to create a workflow 

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