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DAFNI Champion – Juste Raimbault, UCL

Preventing disease spread on public transport

Juste is based at the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London (UCL) and his work as a Champion for DAFNI involves integrating the MATSim multi-agent transport simulation framework into DAFNI. He will develop the MATSim model to apply it to the current Covid crisis, using the EpiSim model to add pandemic indicators to travel indicators and to model them on DAFNI.

His aim is to have a generic multimodal transport model which can be applied to any UK city. Ultimately, he aims to use the EpiSim variant of MATSim to integrate epidemiological indicators into the transport system modelling, enabling users to test policies and interventions to limit disease spread on public transport.

Juste Raimbault explains the scope of his work as a DAFNI champion.  


Juste Raimbault

DAFNI Champion – Simon Jude, Cranfield University

DAFNI’s interaction with the Cranfield Living Laboratory and Urban Observatory

Simon is based at Cranfield University, in the School of Water, Energy and Environment. Within that theme he’s based in the Centre for Environmental and Agri-informatics where he leads a group focusing on risk and decision making.

He also leads Cranfield’s Urban Observatory, which is somewhat unusual in that it’s in a rural location and is a self-contained microcosm of a city with its own airport, and infrastructure, including a water treatment plant and solar farm.

His work as a DAFNI Champion involves developing a pilot Digital Twin using DAFNI to link real-time and near real-time water quality data from Cranfield Urban Observatory and the National Water and Water Treatment Test Facility.

Simon explains his role as DAFNI Champion.

Simon Jude

DAFNI Champion – Adrian Hickford, University of Southampton


Adrian Hickford explains the scope of his work as a DAFNI champion.

Adrian Hickford

DAFNI Champion – Lauren McMillan, UCL

Lauren McMillan explains the scope of her work as a DAFNI champion.

Lauren McMillan

DAFNI Champion – Andrey Postnikov, UCL

Andrey Postnikov explains the scope of his work as a DAFNI champion.

Andrey Postnikov

DAFNI Champion – Cristian Genes, University of Sheffield

Cristian Genes explains the scope of his work as a DAFNI champion.

Cristian Genes 

Meet the DAFNI Champions

Marion Samler, Partnership Manager, introduces the DAFNI champions programme.

Marion Samler

The DAFNI platform now has over 2PB of storage

James Hannah, DAFNI Linux Systems and Service Manager, explains what hardware has been procured for DAFNI

James Hannah

What you can do on DAFNI

Tom Gowland, DAFNI Pilot Lead and Software Engineer, explains what can be done on DAFNI

Tom Gowland

DAFNI’s data roadmap

Noel Vizcaino, DAFNI’s research software engineer, explains the strategy behind DAFNI’s data roadmap

Noel Vizcaino

Introducing DAFNI’s Security Service

Pete Feeney, DAFNI’s security engineer, explains why security is at the heart of DAFNI.

Pete Feeney

Automated demand forecasting model for new local train stations

Dr Simon Blainey, Associate Professor in Transportation at the University of Southampton, explains how this new model makes demand forecasting faster, cheaper and more accurate.

Dr Simon Blainey

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